BATC Board and Officers for 2022-23

The Bach Around The Clock Board of Directors held its annual meeting on May 1, 2022.

Ken Stancer and Jaret Schroeder, whose current terms expire on June 31, were elected to serve new 3-year terms.
BATC’s current officers, who serve one-year terms, were re-elected to their positions.

Board members and officers for the 2022-23 fiscal year are (from left to right, top to bottom):

Betty Cohen (President), Janet Murphy (Treasurer), Rich Samuels,
Melanie de Jesus, Steve Kurr, Theresa Kelley,
Ken Stancer (Vice-President), Jaret Schroeder, Martha Florey (Secretary)



Artistic Director Marika Fischer Hoyt returns from sabbatical to resume her artistic leadership of the festival effective July 1.

Announcing a Bach masterclass for pianists

Lawrence Quinnett, concert pianist and Assistant Professor of Piano and Music Theory at Livingstone College, will present a

Bach masterclass for pianists on Thursday, March 17 from 4-6pm at St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 1833 Regent Street, Madison.

Now accepting registration from advanced pianists.  Four participants will be selected to work with Dr Quinnett.

Submit your application and recording to Bach Around The Clock by March 9.

  • Application form is available here
  • Click here for instructions for submitting recording.

Contact BATC with questions or comments.

Do we really need period instruments to play Bach?

Join us for this special discussion/performance by Kangwon Kim and Tami Morse
Wednesday, March 16th from 6-7:30PM at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 1833 Regent St, Madison, WI
and on demand starting March 20th

“What did Bach hear when his pieces were performed at his churches in the 17th and 18th centuries?  What would Bach say if he hears his music performed by modern orchestras in the 21st century?  Of course, we will never know.  However, we can study history to find out what Bach heard in his time and strive to recreate the style and sound.

In my presentation, I will show my baroque violin and historical bows and play some examples on them.  I will compare their sound to the more familiar sound of my modern violin and bow.  I will play Bach on both instruments and talk about the differences and similarities and what we could focus on when we play baroque music.  My colleague, Tami Morse will talk about the harpsichord and play examples of what Bach heard in his time on the keyboard instruments.

Many people devote their lives to studying Bach’s music and philosophy completely and find it impossible to achieve the goal.  As composer Max Reger wrote, Bach’s music is considered the “beginning and end of all music.”  There are always new dimensions and depths to discover in Bach’s music.  I invite you to start this journey of getting to know Bach’s music by thinking about the sound of period instruments and historically informed style playing.  It is not the instrument that matters, it is how we hear the music and how we respond to Bach’s magnificent musical writing.”


Announcing the BATC 2022 Interim Artistic Director

BATC founder and artistic director, Marika Fischer Hoyt, will be on sabbatical for the 2021-22 season.We wish Marika a bon voyage as she travels to Zurich with her husband. She will return to Bach Around The Clock for the 2022-23 season.

The Board of Directors is delighted to announce that Melanie de Jesus will serve as Interim Artistic Director during Marika’s absence. Melanie will provide leadership and oversee the implementation of the BATC 2022 festival. Melanie served on the BATC Board of Directors in 2020-21 and helped bring several exciting innovations to the 2021 Virtual Festival, including the Virtual Master Class, the Middleton High School student performances, and an instructional video on how to record your performance. Melanie is director of the Madison Conservatory and a viola section coach for WYSO. Read more about Melanie’s background here.

Position Open for Interim Artistic Director

Bach Around The Clock’s Artistic Director, Marika Fischer Hoyt, will be on sabbatical for the 2021-22 season.The Board of Directors is opening a search process for an Interim Artistic Director to provide leadership and oversee the implementation of the BATC 2022 festival.

Position Summary

The Artistic Director serves as the artistic head and public face of the annual Festival, and is responsible for ensuring community engagement and artistic excellence, and providing overall directional vision and artistic leadership. The Artistic Director works closely with the Board of Directors throughout the year, to ensure the artistic quality and smooth execution of all Festival events, and to assist with the Festival’s ongoing planning.

The position is part-time, with flexible hours, averaging about 10 hours per month over 10 months, late August through May, but more intensive during January-March. The Artistic Director is paid an honorarium of $2000.

A detailed job description is available here

For more information, please contact Betty Cohen.

Guest Artist Lawrence Quinnett will return for BATC 2020

Lawrence Quinnett, who was our guest artist-in-residence at BATC 2018, will be returning to in 2020 to perform Bach’s set of six French Suites.  Quinnett is Assistant Professor of Music at Livingston College in North Carolina, where he teaches piano and music theory.  He holds a Doctor of Music degree from Florida State University.  Click to hear him perform Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in A Flat Major.

BATC Photos 1

BATC 2019 was a fabulous event. We’ll be posting a series of photos taken by various festival participants.

The first few photos come from violinist/violist Shannon Farley, who participated multiple times during the day: she played duets with her father Tim on guitar in the morning, and with guitarist Chris Allen in the afternoon, her students performed in the evening, and her string quartet closed out the festival at night.

Thank you for your cheerful participation all day long, Shannon, and for the photos which capture the energy and enthusiasm you brought to the festival!