Who’s performing at BATC and why?

Bach Around The Clock is unique community event! Amateur and professional musicians of all ages perform pieces that they choose themselves.

Why? Because they love the music and it means something special to them.

Meet some BATC 2023 performers! Would you like to perform? Click here!

  • Who: Shad Wenzlaff, piano teacher, and his youth and adult pupils
  • What: BWV 924/Prelude in C Major WTC Book 1; Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook / BWV 126; BWV Anh. 116; BWV Appendix 122; BWV 822; BWV Anh. 131; BWV 822; Preludes BWV 924, 927, 936; Invention in D BWV 774; Sinfonia No. 15 in b BWV 801; Prelude in D BWV 936
  • Why: “Bach is musical perfection. I enjoy the constant sense of discovery with Bach repertoire.”
  • Who: Kieran Foltz, age 10, cello
  • What: “Musette from English Suite III in G Minor” BWV 808, and “March in G” “Finale, Kortte lebe, Kortte bluhe” from BMW 207, “Vereinigte Zwietracht der wechselnden Saiten.” (Both from Suzuki Cello Book 2)
  • Why: “I really enjoy playing Bach pieces like these two because they have so much life to them! There are so many things to think about while playing, like volume and speed and tone and it makes the two songs interesting and maybe different every time I play them!”
  • Who: Mani Inthachith, high school student, piano
  • What: Bach 2 part invention in D minor BWV 775 and Bach 2 part invention in A minor BWV 784
  • Why: “As a younger performer who has only played through limited Bach repertoire, these inventions have been two of my favorite pieces of Bach to work through. There are a variety of of technical aspects of both and they differ from one another. I think that these are great examples of well constructed shorter Bach repertoire and I would enjoy to be able to play them in front of an audience.”

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