What is Bach Around The Clock?

Bach Around The Clock (BATC) is Madison, Wisconsin’s annual community festival in which amateur and professional musicians of all ages perform their own selections of Bach’s music. Originally a one-day, 12-hour marathon of live performances, the festival has evolved into a multi-day hybrid of live and virtual performances. The festival is free and open to all who would like to participate as performers or audience members.

Marika Fischer Hoyt, BATC’s founder and artistic director, views this festival as a “musical crossroads, where performers from many different organizations and different backgrounds can meet on common ground. Bach’s music is infinitely relevant and infinitely adaptable, and that allows us to reach out in many different directions…to engage with and serve our community.”

When and Where?

The 7th annual BATC festival will take place from March 9-12, 2023. The full-day, in-person marathon will be at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church on Saturday, March 11. Other programs, including recitals, lectures, masterclasses, and more will be at various venues in the great Madison area.

Who are the performers?

Amateur and professional musicians of all ages from the Madison area and beyond volunteer to play works by J. S. Bach that they have selected themselves. Would YOU like to perform? Contact BATC to sign up or to ask a question.

Who can attend?

Everyone!  Admission is free to all in-person performances. Festival recordings will be available online at no cost to viewers.