Information for Performers

Performers for BATC 2022 Hybrid Festival have 3 options. FIRST STEP for all 3 options: Please complete the BATC 2022 Performance Request Form

1. Record your own performance for the virtual festival. See instructions below. Submit recordings by March 4th, or request a delayed submission date if needed.
2. Have your performance recorded by BATC for the virtual festival. Friday, March 11th 2-6pm, by appointment only.
3. Perform in-person at the BATC Marathon at St. Andrew’s, Saturday March 19th. Requests for performance slots must be received by March 11th. The schedule is filling up so contact us as soon as possible. Requests will be considered in the order received.

Instructions for Submitting Performance Recordings

View our short video with tips on how to record your performance.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Make certain you shoot your video in “landscape” rather than “portrait” mode. You want the width of your video to be greater than the height.
  • If possible: set your device’s camera to record  video at 1080p at 30 fps. This will result in high definition video most appropriate for our YouTube channel. (This is the default setting for most recent iPhones).
  • File Names: Name your files clearly with your last name and one or two words of the title. If you are submitting separate files for movements or pieces, number them in the order you wish them to appear.

Submit your performance: click here to upload the file containing your recording. note: If you don’t already have a Google Drive account or app, you will need to install one on your device in order to do the upload.

We will reply to confirm that we have received your recording.

The BATC Board of Directors thanks you for your interest in sharing your talents with the Madison community.