BATC Board of Directors and Officers for 2022-23

Board members and officers for the 2022-23 fiscal year are (from left to right, top to bottom):

Betty Cohen (President), Janet Murphy (Treasurer), Rich Samuels,
Melanie de Jesus, Steve Kurr, Theresa Kelley,
Ken Stancer (Vice-President), Jaret Schroeder, Martha Florey (Secretary)



Betty Cohen, President, is an amateur recorder player and member of three Madison-based early music ensembles: The Neighborly Consort, Regent Recorders, and Winds of Southern Wisconsin. Now retired, her career included management positions in public health and academic librarianship.

Ken Stancer, Vice-President, is Music Director and Organist at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Madison. He teaches piano at the Monroe Street Arts Center, and also teaches private organ and recorder. Ken recently retired from elementary classroom music teaching after 33 years.

Martha Florey, Secretary, is an amateur musician playing saxophone in the Madison Municipal Band, UW Summer Band, Sun Prairie Band, MaTC Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Ahead, and the Third Lake Saxophones Quartet. Now retired, Martha trained as a lawyer, and was employed as a WisDOT budget analyst and traffic safety data specialist.

Janet Murphy, Treasurer, has worked in music education, arts administration, and concert promotion. She enjoys playing half a dozen diverse instruments.

Melanie de Jesus is a career teaching artist of viola and violin. In addition to maintaining a private studio, she serves the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras as viola section coach, chamber music coach, and workshop teacher since 2011, and is currently the director of the Madison Conservatory.

Theresa Kelley is Professor Emerita of English at UW-Madison. She sings classical music, focusing on early music, in particular the baroque.  She also plays Renaissance music on the lute.

Steve Kurr is Music Director at Middleton High School, teaching the three school orchestras, music history courses, and serving as the Instructional Leader for the Fine Arts Department.

Rich Samuels is a host of classical music programming on Madison’s radio station,WORT, and does audio recording of many musical ensemble performances in Madison. Now retired, Renaissance and Reformation were his academic interests, and television journalism was his profession.

Jaret Schroeder, while currently employed in the sciences, is also an organist and a church musician and member of the Association of Church Musicians.

Marika Fischer Hoyt, Artistic Director and founder of Bach Around The Clock, is currently on leave of absence. Marika’s vision continues to guide and inspire us as we plan for the 7th annual BATC festival, March 9-12.


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