Welcome to the 2022 BATC Virtual Festival! click to view video
Artistic Director, Melanie de Jesus, provides a brief introduction to the virtual performances.

Journeys on the Violin video
The first virtual segment from our 2022 virtual program, “Journeys on the Violin” takes the viewer on a path of discovery from a violinist perspective. From performing Bach in a beginner group classroom to a University of Wisconsin concert hall, you can follow Madison-area student violinists on their road to mastery. After the performances, there is a brief talk with collegiate violinist Na’Ilah Ali about her path to UW stage and her relationship to the music of JS Bach.
Performers: Suzuki Strings of Madison I, violins; Suzuki Strings of Madison II, violins; Louisa (violin), Elise (violin) & Nat (cello) Taft; Emily Feng, violin & Stacy Fehr Regehr, piano; Alexa Garber, violin; Ethan Ewer,violin; Na’ilah Ali, violin, plus interview

Virtuosity and Introspection video
In this Bach Around The Clock 2022 virtual segment, we explore unaccompanied works of JS Bach by amateur soloists.
Performers: Gabrielle Taft, cello; Kate Carrigan Blackwell, viola; Mae Buckingham, cello; Kieran Foltz, cello; Mena Garber, violin; Grace Kremer, viola

Original Voices video
In this virtual segment of Bach Around the Clock 2022, we explore originality in many forms: a performance on the original instrument, the human voice, leads us out of the Baroque and into the 20th century with saxophones, marimba, and modern mandolin.
Performers: Paris Barker, soprano, with Dr. Sarah Read Gehrenbeck, piano; Third Lake Saxophone Quartet (Gary Lensmeyer, soprano; Tom Swoboda, alto; Martha Florey, tenor; Tom Blankenheim, bass); Eric de los Santos, marimba; Jim Burkholder, mandolin

Bach Among Friends video
Chamber works of JS Bach are performed in this intimate portrait of making music with friends.
Performers: Gretchen Fan & Shannon Farley, violas; Julia (violin) and Mia (harp) Burkholder; Julia, violin, & Jim Burkholder, mandolin; Shannon Farley & Chase Xia, violas; Shannon Farley & Todd Niles, violas; Else Block, violin; Isaiah Block, cello, Shannon Farley, viola; Saint Croix Quartet (players: Debbie Lanzen, Richard Penttila, Dianne Wiik, Joel Anderson, Janette Cysewski)

Keyboards and Pipes video
Keyboards and Pipes is a short virtual recital featuring JS Bach’s primary instrument in a way that Bach could not have imagined. Modern piano performances are capped by a spectacular technophilic organ performance.
Performers:  Quetzali Nuñez, Koen Reiter, Eliana Monat, Jeffery Rowley

Acknowledgment: BATC is grateful for the skilled editing of these virtual video segments provided by Rich Samuels.