Sonata à Quattro

note: Sonata à Quattro is on sabbatical and will not be performing for the 2022 festival.

The period-instrument ensemble Sonata à Quattro was formed in 2017, as the Ensemble-In-Residence for Bach Around The Clock, the annual community music festival in Madison, WI.

Sonata à Quattro provides accompaniment for singers and other soloists who would like to perform Cantatas, Concertos, and choral works at the Bach Around the Clock festival.  Musicians who would like to arrange for the services of SAQ, which includes rehearsal time and performance, can contact BATC for more details.

The ensemble’s name refers to baroque chamber music scored for three melody lines plus continuo.  The more-familiar trio sonata format, which enjoyed great popularity in the 17th and 18th centuries, employs a continuo with only two melody instruments, typically treble instruments like violins or flutes.  In contrast, a sonata à quattro includes a middle voice, frequently a viola, in addition to the two treble instruments and continuo; this scoring has a fuller, richer sonority, and can be seen as a precursor to the string quartet.

Sonata à Quattro also performs independently of BATC.  See their website for upcoming events.

Hear Ich bin vergnügt in meinem Leiden from Cantata 58, Kristin Knutson, soprano, with Sonata à Quattro, performed at BATC 2019.